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  1. Retired Canadian astronaut who was the first Canadian to walk in space. An Engineer and former Royal Canadian Air Force fighter pilot, Hadfield has flown two space shuttle missions and served as commander of the International Space Station
  2. astronaut
  3. French doctor and former astronaut, spent 25 days in space, probably living in France
  4. French astronaut
  5. Astronaut
  6. Astronomer/co-discoverer of the Hale-Bopp Comet
  7. Spaceflight Participant trainee
  8. Flight astronaut sts-65,74,83,94,101
  9. Flight astronaut sts-124
  10. Astronaut mse astronaut
  11. Computer scientist, systems engineer/Director of Software Engineering Division of MIT Instrumentation Laboratory, which developed on-board flight software for Apollo space program. Her team's work prevented abort of Apollo 11 moon landing
  12. Flight astronaut sts-39,64
  13. Astronaut
  14. NASA astronaut
  15. former NASA astronaut
  16. Wife Tuskegee Airman/NASA's highest ranking black female in 1973 when she was fired for seeking equal opportunity for blacks at NASA/Author 'The Harlem Princess'
  17. Flight astronaut sts-41c
  18. American astronomer, author, and writer who was the first person to convince the mainstream science that the Earth had once been hit by a planet sized body (Thea), creating both the moon and the Earth's 23° tilt. He also has an asteroid named after hi
  19. American theoretical physicist and cosmologist. He is best known as the originator of the inflationary universe theory.He lives in the U.S.A
  20. Vietnam vet, born 1943. Team leader of the UDT-11 frogmen who recovered the Apollo 11 Command Module. He opened the hatch and shook the hand of Neil Armstrong, the first out, welcoming him back home. He then scrubbed each astronaut with a disinfectant
  21. Astronaut; STS-7, STS-51A, STS-26
  22. Astronaut
  23. Astronaut
  24. US Marine, 2 Vietnam tours of duty. Stationed on the USS Hornet in 1969 during it's Apollo 11 recovery, served as a guard of the crew and later, the command module. Held a rifle at attention as Nixon welcomed the quarantined crew back
  25. Ret. Lt. General of the United States Air Force and a former NASA astronaut. STS-54 (1993) ,STS-64 (1994) , STS-78(1996) ,STS-101 (2001) - ExpediciÃ-³n 2 (2001)
  26. (17 October 1926 - 5 October 1993) was an astronomer, NASA astronaut, space scientist, and professor at Northwestern University. He flew on Space Shuttle Challenger in July 1985. He was in the astronaut support crew for Apollo 15 & Skylab 4
  27. Former Payload Specialist Astronaut
  28. Former U.S. Astronaut
  29. Astronaut
  30. Polish cosmonaut / astronaut and the first Pole in space (1978)
  31. Flight astronaut sts-128
  32. American photojournalist, born 1927. Covered the Korean War, presidents, Krushchev, sports, NASA, and more. Named one of AP's Top 10 Civil Rights photographers. Took iconic photos of Rosa Parks' and Martin Luther King's arrests
  33. First native American astronaut (Indian) in space
  34. New York time's bestselling author. Author of Rocket Boys and October Sky. Father of Homer Hickam Jr
  35. Flight astronaut sts-39,49,65
  36. Astronaut
  37. astronaut
  38. American mechanical engineer who worked for the United States' National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) during the Apollo 11 mission
  39. astronaut
  40. astronaut
  41. 'Rocket Scientest' with Wernher Von Braun NASA Team!
  42. Flight (astronaut)
  43. former NASA astronaut
  44. Flight (astronaut)
  45. Flight astronaut no flight experience
  46. Astronaut
  47. Astronaut
  48. Flight scientist
  49. American astronaut
  50. astronaut
  51. Retired NASA space engineer
  52. Astronomer
  53. astronaut
  54. Is the first woman to have served as the Director of the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, a position which she held from 1994 to 1996. NASA Administrator since 1970. Now Retired from NASA. Worked for Dept. of Energy. Consultant on Apollo 13 film
  55. astronaut
  56. astronaut
  57. 'Dr. Werner Von Braun Rocket Scientest Team Member'